Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The New Old Me

It's been an emotional day.  Good and bad.  I am simultaneously at the beginning and end of a long frustrating journey.  The end of believing in traditional medical practitioners who said "you're tests are normal", "get more exercise", "you're a little depressed, here's a prescription".  I knew they were wrong.  I always knew something just wasn't quite right.  The beginning of learning a new lifestyle that includes thyroid and adrenal supplements and a gluten-free/casein-free eating plan.

I dreaded turning 40.  It sounds old.  Today I'm just a tiny bit excited to turn 41.  Here's hoping that by then I'll feel like my old self again.


Organized Chaos said...

Don't know you're exact diagnosis...but I've been following Whole30 the past few weeks (really popular with those that need to be Gluten Free). You have to replace some staple norms like butter (clarified butter instead) and I've had to say goodbye to coffee creamer and replace it with coconut milk...but after a week or two it isn't so hard and I feel really good. And there are so many foods you can have...I try to focus on that, everything I CAN eat vs what I can't eat.

Aaron Baker said...

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